Idiots & Taxes


I thought I had purchased every baby naming book two years ago while we were anticipating Cooper’s arrival. In the Target check-out line tonight I found one that we don’t own so I picked it up to see if my husband could find a name he liked to help us with this name ordeal. Surely this book can name our baby… don’t they have Idiot’s guides to like learning foreign languages and building bombs… surely naming baby “no name” should be easier then that! Paxton, Brady, Canon, Parker, etc… my brain is smokin’.

Speaking of smokin… I just finished getting our 2007 tax junk ready for my 9am appointment in the morning. I do this every year. I procrastinate until the first of April and then I just call and make the appointment to force myself to get it done. As of 7pm tonight, I hadn’t even started yet. Now it’s midnight and I am finished! The poor little lady who has to sort out all of our travel, and weirdo jobs. It’s kind of like washing the outside of my house windows… thank you lord that I can afford to pay someone to do it once a year.

Sidenote… Cooper and I were on the road more then a third of last year and traveled over 25,000 miles for my work (not including Otey’s). We have one well traveled youngster.

Sidenote2… photo shot with photobooth on my iMac and not retouched because I am super lazy and at this stage of my pregnancy… I’m okay with you seeing me in all my wrinkled splotchy glory.

  • cody - I’m still rooting for Wyatt 😀 what would happen if i just always called him that?

  • aunt harriet/mom - So glad you are back. I was begining to worry about you all since the bloggiest had quit. I only have your blog to look forward to since my girls rarely add to their blogs. Have a safe and good weekend – it looks like you will have great weather.

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