Ice, Ice, Baby!

Saturday was a CRAZY day!  Our power went out at about 11:00 am due to the MISERABLE ice storm…



Otey had already went in to the office to catch up on some phone calls, so I called him and he came home and took Coop and I back to the office with him.  We played and kept Daddy from getting any work done.  There was electricity there… and more importantly… HEAT!



At about dark, we submitted to the fact that we weren’t going to have electricity any time soon.  I braved the crudy roads along with every other ding-dong in Ottumwa and went to Wal-Mart to get a propane heater.  We spent the evening playing by the lantern light (thanks G-ma Curry… that Christmas present just came in handy) and soaking up the heat from the propane heater.



We all went to bed… together… at about 8:30.  It was pretty darn warm and cozy.  We never let Cooper sleep with us.  He has only slept in our bed maybe 4 times ever.  None of us get any sleep, not to mention, it’s fairly dangerous.  Last night Cooper was a WIGGLE WORM.  Otey and I both "slept" with feet, hands, butts, and every other baby body part on top of us.  Thank the Lord, at about 12:45 am, our power came back on, and Cooper went to his own bed!  Can you believe it?  The dedicated electric workers worked all night and got us back in business!!!  Here’s to all Alliant Energy workers!


Our back yard is a solid sheet of ice, and the entire neighborhood looks like a war zone with all the downed trees.  Good news though, it’s warmed up, the ice is melting and now it’s snowing!  AGAIN!

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