I like


Gosh I like that kid. I like how he sits with his ankles crossed on the couch… in his highchair… in his carseat. So cute, even after the 500th time I’ve seen it. I also like that I can put an Elmo easter basket on my head and get him to kind of look at me for a couple of photos. Then Mom with the Elmo basket on her head gets old and he’s off to something new. He is busy busy busy… never still… always “doing”. I also like how stinkin’ cute he looks in his church clothes. Otey tells me he’s not a little doll for me to dress up, but he is… kind of… at least for a couple more years… until super hero t-shirts and thomas the train velcro shoes veto my cute sweaters and trendy little boots. Until then… I’m going to dress him up and take his picture when ever I can, and like it. He’s supposed to be napping in the other room, but I hear him blabbering… I even like his blabbering.

***One very last reminder***
Thursday night at about 6:30 I’m off duty until January 1st. If you need anything photography related from me, now is the time to speak up. I will still be picking up my emails and blogging of course, but my super-duper iMac with all things photo related will be in Iowa and I will be in multiple other states. So… last call.

  • Kari - How cute is he sitting there with his feet crossed. He looks like a grown man watching T.V.

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