I awoke this morning to a new decade. My thirty’s. that is so hard to wrap my mind around. I really, for some reason, never thought I would really be in my thirties. I really am a grown up. I don’t feel like a grown up. When do you feel “grown up”. Forty? Fifty? Sixty?

The following is a list of 30 things that have changed/shaped my life and who I am as a person today. I am sooo thankful for each of them.

1. My Salvation. Jesus Christ.
2. My husband, his integrity, honesty, and unconditional love
3. Cooper… The wonders of modern medicine
4. Our miracle… Cletus the Fetus
5. My Parents. Funny how they get smarter the older I get
6. My brother and his family (silly little nephews included)
7. My extended family (cousins, aunts and uncles)
8. Otey’s great family
9. Many GREAT friends. I am so blessed to have so many
10. Louie Dog
11. Staying home with my kids
12. Travel. Being on the go all of the time
13. Financial Stability
14. Laughter. Everyday.
15. Forgiveness. Lord knows I need it often
16. Courage. being willing to step out and take a chance
17. My last minute decision to go away to college
18. My Dad making me finish college
19. My time alone before I met Otey
20. The Sankeys. For filling a void in my life at just the right time
21. My growing photography business
22. Secretarying rodeos, the freedom to work when I want
23. Getting paid to do the two things I love to do
24. Rodeoing myself, and knowing when to step away
25. Moving… to Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Iowa
26. This Blog
27. Chaos. Busyness
28. Learning to let go of things I have no control over
29. A new beginning. Everyday
30. Another Birthday. Even if it is 30.

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  • Laura - Happy Birthday! Sorry its a day late!!! Can’t believe you are 30!! Just seems like yesterday you were 12!

    Love ya!
    Laura, Travis and Lance

  • mom&dad - You make us proud. We love you

  • codymc - Happy Birthday!!

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