Huhhhh… I hadn’t thought of that.

It hit me yesterday for the first time in 8+ months of pregnancy…. having this baby could hurt.  I mean, I know I'm going to be sore after the fact, but with Cooper I really had no pain during actually child birth at all.  They induced me with him a week early because he was getting big (and my Doctor was headed to the Philippines) and the second I felt even a twinge of pain, I asked for the epidural.  I figured, what the heck… no one is going to give me a Bozo button for seeing how long I can be in pain before asking for the drugs, so why not get my moneys worth?  I had such a miserable pregnancy with Cooper, once that epidural kicked in I had my first few hours of good rest in months.  Carrying Cooper was the hard part, having him was a breeze.  I just hope that baby No Name enters this world as smoothly as his big brother did. 

Calvin.  Cute cute cute Calvin.  Talk about a bundle of energy.  It was like trying to get a shot of Cooper on the go.  You can not imagine how stinkin' cute this little guy is.  The photos don't do him justice.  While I was editing this session I kept calling Otey in to look at proofs because they were making me so happy.  Anytime Calvin is concentrating on something, his ADORABLE little tongue peeks out. The only way we were able to get the posed family shots was to tell him to bounce on something.  I would just run my shutter speed up super fast and Mom and Dad would look at me and smile while Calvin bounced and I prayed that I might accidentally catch him looking at the camera.  You should have seen some of the outtakes… priceless.




My 2nd favorite of the day (I'm saving #1 for later)…

1023e 10x20

Calvin's Daddy is the baseball Coach at the college in Hannibal, Missouri so we finished up our session at his ball field.  Listen to this… Calvin is 18 months old and can swing and hit the baseball when his Mom throws it to him.  Not to mention he has a pretty dang good arm too!




Thanks for a fun evening Lissa & Heather.  I'm so glad we waited for a better day to shoot.  It was worth it!

  • codymc - That one on the pitcher’s mound is too much!

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