lunchCooper has always been a fantastic eater.  When he was about 18 months old he would seriously sit down at the the table and eat as much as Otey or I.  It’s a pretty normal thing for Cooper to eat two eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast.  If we order pizza you can count on him to eat three pieces.  THANK YOU LORD he has been blessed with Otey’s metabolism and my appetite.  If it was the other way around he and I could go on the Biggest Looser together.  One of the best things about Cooper’s appetite is that he REALLY loves vegetables and fruit and all things good for you.  Now don’t get me wrong, the kid can down two hot dogs in about 30 seconds, but when he asks for a snack, it is usually cherries or grapes or blueberries.

foodw1Here lately I have had to get a little more creative.   His appetite hasn’t changed any, he is just starting to get VERY large opinions about what he eats.  If I fix eggs… he wasn’t pancakes.  If I fix chicken… he wants a hamburger.  I have finally figured out that Cooper, like his mother, can be persuaded with packaging/presentation.  He will eat ANYTHING if it looks fun.  Kind of like I will buy anything if it comes in a cute container, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway, now instead of making him three big pancakes… I make ten little bitty ones.  Instead of buying regular tatortots, we get the letter shape ones and spell stuff out.  Hotdogs?  No need to get creative with hotdogs.  He eats them with a willing heart every time they make an appearance.  What is it with kids and hotdogs?  I mean I like an occasional hotdog cooked on the grill… but Cooper will eat them microwaved, fried in a skillet (as pictured), grilled, cold… if it even remotely resembles a hotdog…

down the hatch with out hesitation.


Now, do not send me emails or leave me comments telling me what hotdogs are made of.  I know what hotdogs are made of and I’m okay with it.  That’s why we don’t eat them every single day.  If Hotdogs were filled with good wholesome healthy stuff my life would be a breeze.  We’d eat them three meals a day here at the McCloy house.

What are those brown things on the side of his plate?  Those are dried cherries.  My Mom owns a company that sells Gourmet Food Wholesale to restaurants and hotels and they sell all kinds of dried fruits.  Cooper LOVES… no… LLLOOOVVVEESSSS dried cherries and blueberries.  My Mom mails them to me in two pound sacks and if I didn’t ration them out, they’d be gone in two days.  Speaking of which… we’re out Mom.

Sidenote…  I will be in Marshall, Missouri shooting the weekend of Marsh 21st.  I still have one opening if anyone is interested, drop me an email!

  • Heather Mears - That looks like a fun lunch to me! I’m right there with you….if it looks pretty or fun~ I’m in!

  • amy stamm - OMG- if that isnt cute!!! LOVE IT! where did you get those tater tots?? My son is 7 but would love them—-!!! Please dont say like some store we dont have around here in Indiana or I may have you ship me some ! ha JK! ANYWAYS that is sooo darn cute…..GREAT that he eats well- that is always a plus-my 7 year old Carter he eats OK- I agree with you on the whole Biggest Loser thing–I tell him every tues night when he asks for like his 3rd snack that me and him are gonna go on that show someday if he dont watch it!! 🙂 {He is a skinny guy now but I know how that can change} Take care and Enjoy the rest of your week

  • Kim - Can you and Otey adopt me please???????????

  • Laura - Ok….so where did you get the cool tator tots because I have the PICKIEST eater on earth!! I think Lance would have fun with making words.

  • SHARON TURNER - I had no idea you could get alphabet tator tots. I am going to town tonight to get some!

  • Kari - You are welcome to our house, we will be gone but you all can stay here if you so desire.

  • codymc - now i really want a fried baloney sandwhich

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