Hormonal Crazy Lady

18 days…
2 weeks 4 days…
432 hours…
25,920 minutes…
1,555,2000 seconds…

1That last one makes me feel a little better.  It just seems longer when you add in those commas.  Baby No Name is going to be here any day.  At my doctor's appointment yesterday they told me there was a big change from last week.  He said the baby had dropped a ton and was pretty much sitting down in my pelvis now (that explains all the back and hip pain this week).  I went over to the hospital to do the walk through of the OB floor just trying to make it all seem more real.  I know we're going to have a baby (trust me… my body doesn't let me forget that) but the having him part seems so surreal this time.  Reality is about to smack me in the face though.  My Mom is driving up here tonight and staying until the baby arrives.  I guess it's a good thing that she'll have the old whip popping since as of right now the baby has no name, no nursery, no anything.  I did set up the bassinet in our room and get some little diapers the other day while Otey was gone.  Oh… and when I was in Indiana last month my Mom washed some little tiny baby clothes she had bought for him so they're ready to go.  I even packed myself a little "hospital bag" when I thought I was going in to labor last weekend.  So I am kind of prepared.  Kind of.  It's funny how different it is with the second child.  With Cooper all his little blankets were already monogrammed and I had his "going home from the hospital" outfit planned for months.  This time I JUST ordered No Name's carseat last night, and I actually was thinking to myself… if you don't take something with you to take the baby home in, do you score one of those little white shirts with the thingy's that flip over the babies hands to keep him from scratching himself? That's right folks… I was thinking of just snagging a free shirt from the hospital.  My mind is just consumed with bigger things this time… will Cooper like the baby?  How will I manage the house, my work, Cooper, and a newborn?  We live so far away from all of our family… will this baby get as much attention as Cooper did?  Will we just "settle" for a name, or will we LOVE the name we choose for him? I think with the first child you're just so consumed with the warm and fuzzy stuff that you don't REALLY understand the responsibility of being COMPLETELY responsible for another person's well being.  I'm not a worrier… I really enjoy living smack dab in the middle of the moment that I'm in, but wondering if I can be a GREAT (I don't want to be just good) Wife, Mom to two kids, Photographer, Friend, Human being in general scares the puddin' out of me.  All I know is he better get here soon because I think all these hormones are starting to make me act/think/worry like a normal crazy woman.  I'll be glad when I can get settled back into a routine and feel like "me" again.  Oh ya… and wearing pants that don't involve any kind of elastic will be nice too.

  • Kim - You will be GREAT because you already are.
    You will be amazed at how it will all fall together…..

  • Stormi - How about Reese or Reece? Sorry but I love Reese’s Pieces candy. I have a bag at my desk. I haven’t seen that name recommended so I thought I would throw it out there. Oh, and I will only be 2.5 hours south of you so we can do lunch like…once a month or something so we ca stay close and I can spoil the baby.

  • Heather Mears - I told you, you need to grab a phone book, close your eyes and point!

  • Marilyn Knutson - Being from a maternity background for 25+ years,many can’t pick a name until they see the baby, and then they can change whatthey were leaning towards. It seems babies just look like a Sam ,Max, or Poindexter once they finaaly make it into the world,So I have faith you will look at baby no name an have a name before he see the front door of the hospital.

  • Laura - Great Pic! So You!!

  • codymc - I think that fact that your worried is a good sign that you will be fine.

    I’m very tempted to come up with some ludicrous name in jest– but I’m going to resist 🙂

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