That means "Hello" for those of you who didn't just spend the weekend in California. There were some Spanish speaking folks in the mall and I told Otey I was sure I knew Spanish as much Dora and Diego as I watch. I know one thing, I've learned more Espanol from Nickelodeon cartoons then I did from two semesters of college. 
Grady did great this weekend (his first trip on an airplane) which is nice to know since I'll be flying alone with him in a couple of weeks. Otey flies to Texas this Thursday but me and the munchkins are staying in good old Iowa. I am going to be here for NINE DAYS STRAIGHT!!!! Yes you read that right…. NINE DAYS!!!! That is great news for all of you who are "patiently waiting" on your galleries to be edited. After these nine days are up I'm pretty much on the road until Christmas so I have A LOT to get done before I leave again. So… enough blogging, I'm off to work. I will leave you with a shot from the wedding this weekend. Yes… those are the bride's shoes… and Yes… they are patten leather. I LOVE a bride who makes her wedding her own.


Sidenote…. A BIG milestone for my blog is coming this week!

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