Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye….

It finally got warm enough to start melting the snow this week!  Our driveway and decks were completely clear by this afternoon.  Maybe the yard tomorrow?  We’ve had this stinking snow since January 13th!!!  When Otey’s parents got ready to leave Monday morning it was almost 40* out.  A total heatwave!  Grandpa Bill and Cooper played out in the snow for a little while before we had to say goodbye.  If you’re thinking that I’m a bad parent because he has no gloves on… the little turd bites them off!  He really likes touching everything outside.  We put them on him about half way through the play session.  He’s just not a big fan of gloves.


I finally got all of the proofs from the rodeo school posted tonight.  I went to Otey’s office and spent a couple of hours on the fast connection.  Cooper had a full tummy and was fast asleep in his bed when I got home.  What a great Daddy he has!

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