Heavy Drinkers

As you know, we travel… A LOT. I am always looking for things to make my life easier. My family used to spend TONS of money on bottled water. Every gas station we stopped at, every drive through we went through… three bottles. Not to mention, half the time the water gets warm (who wants to drink warm water?) before you drink it all. From this… my search for the PERFECT water bottle began. I tried all kinds, I could never find the perfect.. fit in the cup holder, won't sweat, won't spill, holds A LOT, doesn't look goofy water bottle. And then… my SUPER MOM came through. She brought me the blue TRUDEAU water bottle from Target.  It was love at first slurp.  I carried it everywhere with me.  I drank from it (seriously) 20 hours a day.  Through the dry mouth of pregnancy, feeding Grady, rodeos, and hours and hours on the road.  Cooper affectionately named that original blue bottle "Mommy's Giant Blue Drink".  At first, Cooper would just want a drink of "Mommy's Giant Blue Drink" then the next thing I knew… "Mommy's Giant Blue Drink" was Cooper's drink.  I bought a pink one, and then my friend Erica found me another blue one.  All Cooper and I drink is Milk and Water (I do indulge in some sweet tea when I'm traveling in the south) so the bottles are great.  Before we leave for a long trip, I fill them both all the way to the top with ice, and then take a gallon of water with us.  They hold 24oz and Cooper and I will both drink three (or more) of them a day.


As you can see from the photo, we have acquired a black one also.  Cooper always sticks with the original "Mommy's Giant Blue Drink" though, and he still calls it that (despite the fact that he comes completely un-corked if he catches me drinking out of the blue one).  He carries it around with that little finger hole on the side.  It's nearly as long as his legs… but boy is he hydrated!  I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but they have two layers of plastic, so they never sweat.  The top twists and the rubber straw goes down inside to keep it from leaking.  They also keep the water SO cold for SO long.  And the best thing of all?  They fit in a cup holder!  They say they are dishwasher safe, but I have never risked it.  We only put water in them, so I just hand wash them in the sink every couple of days.  I must warn you… if you want one, you will have to order online because you can't find them in stores anymore but the good news is they are on sale for $9.00!!!
You would think I'm getting paid to sell you this bottle, huh?  I just have a tendency to get REALLY excited about things that I use on a daily basis.  And for those of you who stuck it out and made it ALL the way to the end of this boring post… leave a comment (before noon central time on Friday) and I will be randomly choosing a winner and sending you your very own "Mommy's giant blue drink"!  Please just enter once so the random draw is even for everyone.  (Shhh… all those "I just look at the pictures" readers will never know…)  ENTRIES ARE CLOSED

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  • lisa duzan - kath, I really need to try this guy out! We don’t have a target and I don’t even have the da%& internet at my house yet to order one! I’m just now reading this but if I haven’t convinced you yet…I just found out last friday that we’re pregnant!!!! you gotta give it to the pregnant lady(still a bit of a secret:)) but definitely worth it if you feel compelled to give it to one of us great 8 members:))) talk to you soon!

  • Marcie Lindsey - Hi Kathy! I love catching up with you and the family…thanks for all the great pics! Miss you guys. Sign me up for the bottle….

  • Holly - Did I make it, can I still win, who the heck is on central time anyways! Mountain time is where its at!!!

  • Leah Robinson - Count me in!!! I want one LOL

  • Jenny James - First, I want to say I love your blog! I feel like I know you so well. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to have the Mommy’s giant blue drink for my son Jasper who is getting ready to be weaned from a bottle and needs a great water bottle. Even greater is that it doesn’t sweat! Thanks!

  • Julie Bennett - I have one of these, but it’s for breast cancer so the design is pink with a white ribbon on the side – LOVE IT!! Congrats on your finding! And I do realize the excitement of finding something that fits “you” so perfectly! If you’ve ever read my blog – my “perfect fit” is found in a pair of Asic tennies! Your excitement thrills me! Cheers to us proud bloggers :~)

  • whitney - I would love one of these things.. Count me in to! The closest target from marshall is an hour away!

  • Jolyn - I have actually drank out of the “Mommy’s Giant Blue Drink” several times! It is great and it saved my life when I was thirsting to death 🙂

  • T Woolsey - Heck yeah I want a Mommy’s Blue Cup!!! And I’ll fill it with cold water when I’m sitting on the beach in April with a fun group of friends. I’ll drink from it proudly.

  • Aimee - Our house is a milk and water house too!

  • Mary Kay - Count me in. I always heed your endorsements. I got the Dirt Devil broom vac based on your recommendation!

  • aunt harriet/mom - Since our church has just started another 40 day fast and prayer (started monday) I am back to drinking water & juice and no tea. We are cutting certain foods out every few days so it is a gradual process that your body can adjust to. I think that I will have to invest in a couple of your super duper water glasses since as you know I never go anywhere without a bottle of water. You are a good and reliable commercial for it!!

  • crystal - I love to drink!water and diet coke that is… I need one of these!

  • shari yahnke - wow! cool bottles! i have water bottles here and i’m so cheap i just refill them from out purified spicket! super sweet idea!

  • Amanda - It is nice to be able to keep up on family with your blog. We are doing great. Hopefully moving north soon before baby #2 gets here in August. Huggs to you and your family! Love ya

  • abby - It is nice to know another mom who only gives their child milk and water. We do include apple juice though. Water bottle looks great, keep up with the posts, we have missed you.

  • Katie, Chip & Caroline - Ok I am the third and final blog stalker from my family to enter this contest and I BETTER win! You send that bottle of water to my mom or sista and you are getting it McCloy!

  • YaYa - Of course I read every word!!! You brighten my day with each post. Your long hiatus about did me in. Thanks for the Grady pics. Can’t get enough of that sweet face. You know I need that water bottle!

  • Emily - Only you would blog about a water bottle! I love it! You should get paid for endorsements!

  • Teala Ward - I would love to have a Mommies Blue Drink.

  • amy stamm - GOOD FOR YOU and COOPER! My son drinks a ton of water a day so this would be perfect!!! thanks for sharing!! Amy in

  • Lenice - The photos are always beautiful – you can’t blame people for just skimming!

  • Betsy Hunt - Okay, I’m in the running. My water bottle always sweats all over the papers on my desk. Its really more than anyone should be expected to handle in life:)

  • Kari - Sign me up. I want one baaaad.

  • BreeAnna - I have been looking for a bottle like that FOREVER!!!! Perfect!

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