It’s 12:50am and Otey and I are both still up! It’s a miracle. We laughed and joked about it, but neither of us could remember if we’d ever kissed on New Year’s Eve. Funny thing is, we were caught in a heated game of pitch (that’s a card game like Euchre for you Indiana folk) and missed it this year too! Two of our friends, Ben and Terry, came by to spend the evening with us. Terry was headed back to Nebraska after Christmas with his family and Ben just lives a couple of hours away. It was like old times whipping their butts at pitch spending the evening enjoying a peaceful game of cards.
You would not believe the snow here. It snowed most of the day today and is supposed to snow tonight too. The high tomorrow is 10*. Nice. I would really like to take Cooper out to play in it, but I’m afraid he might freeze to death! Not to mention Otey and I both still have one leg in our death beds. Just what we need. Would it make me a bad Mom if I just bundled Cooper up, sent him outside, and watched him out the window from my heated living room? That was just a joke Mom… no need to email me.
2007 was a wonderful year for us, and with Cooper turning two in February, and Cletus the Fetus coming the first of July, I can guarantee that 2008 will be even better. I sat down this afternoon and started working on my travel schedule and calendar for 2008. Yikes. Otey and I try to compare calendars and map out a game plan several months in advance. By the looks of things, 2008 is going to be more busy then last year. Is that possible? Thank goodness Cooper has wonderful grandparents that are willing to travel with us some or we’d never be able to swing it. I am trying to decide what weekends I am going to shoot in Marshall, so if you want on the list and haven’t emailed me yet, please drop me a line so I can figure out how many days I need to be there. And because I’ve vowed to not post from this computer with out photos, here are a few more from the happiest place on earth…




  • mom - Happy New Year to you all.Opening the blog to a new post is the next best way to start the day. The best is to have one of my grandsons or children knocking on my door. love

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