Happy Birthday Cooper!

May 22, 2005 – embryo transfer (aka… get pregnant)
May 2005 – Feb 2006 – Longest nine months of my life.
Feb 1, 2006 – Cooper FINALLY arrives
Feb 2006 – Feb 2008 – shortest two years of my life.

Where has the time gone? My sweet baby is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY!!! I just can’t believe how fast the years are flying by. It really seems like his 1st Birthday party was a month ago. Is there a pause button somewhere? Can I just slow it down a little and make sure I remember every. single. second? Last night after Cooper went to bed I decorated our living room with streamers and balloons so he would come out of his room this morning to find party central. He gets sooo excited over the tiniest things. I knew it would just make his day. Here he is when Otey first got him out of bed and he turned the corner…



He absolutely loved it. All day today he’ll go in his room and play for a little while, and when he comes back around the corner into the living room he smiles from ear to ear, points at the ceiling, and says “bloons!”

We had a birthday breakfast of pancakes and “cream”. He calls all liquid dipping like things “cream”. Ketchup, Cheese Dip, Dressing, Ice Cream, Syrup… all of it is just “cream”. Now that he has mastered (I am using the word mastered very loosely) the fork, we just started adding syrup… aka… cream.


Cooper and I ran a few errands and then met his Dad for lunch at the Mexican restaurant. I purposely choose there because Cooper usually LOVES it. Not today. He ate about two bites of it and 8 chips and we headed home for a nap. Cooper’s friend Jake and his family came over to celebrate Cooper’s birthday with us tonight. The kids had a fun time and it was nice to have some adult conversation and just spend some time visiting with the Blunts. After pizza for everyone, it was CAKE TIME! Cooper LOVES cake. He has talked about it all day, and when it came time to have some, he lost his little baby mind during the prep time. It was like the terrible two’s hit the second we celebrated! I must say I screwed up on Coop’s cake last year. He had the single most awesome cake on the planet for his first birthday, and now I’m going to have to spend the next 18 years knowing that every birthday cake is inferior to that first one. If you didn’t see it last year, HERE is the link to the blog post. My fabulous (may as well be) cousin-in-law, Shannon made it. It tasted even better then it looked if that was possible. Since Shannon was all the way in Indiana, I had to some up with something here. He’s really into animals, and bugs, and fish, and anything he can mimic the sound of, so we had a frog/lizard cake. He spent all night ribbiting and hissing (he thinks a lizard sounds like a snake… I’m okay with that… Otey explained to him the lizards say “buy Gieko insurance”, not “hiss”).


Now my birthday boy is tucked in bed with no clue that when he gets up the balloons and streamers will be gone and he’ll have to wait an entire year for another Birthday. I told Otey tonight after we cleaned up that I thought we would start celebrating half-year birthdays too just because I love seeing my kid so happy. If you would have told me two years and two days ago that I would ever enjoy someone’s birthday more then my own, I’d have told you that you were crazy. Little did I know.


  • Uncle Curt - Happy Birthday Coop!!

    Uncle Curt, Aunt Lori, Ty and Sam


  • Christina B - Hope he had a great day! They grow so darn fast!

  • Katie, Chip & Caroline - Cooper-
    Your mom is very fun! Hope you had a fun birthday!
    Chip, Katie & Caroline

  • mom - Our littlest grandson has the most fun Mom in the world!! lovetoyou all


  • codymc - HAPPY B-DAY COOP!

  • aunt harriet/mom - HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER !!!!!!! from Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bill

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