Grandparents & Doodle Bops

Boy is our kid lucky to have four grandparents that will travel all over the country to keep him.  My Mom flew in to Arkansas to stay with us this weekend, and Otey’s Mom called today and said she was thinking about going to one of my rodeos in Alabama in a couple of weeks.  We can work without a designated babysitter, but the bigger Cooper gets, the harder it gets to keep him and work at the same time.  So far, we have been blessed with Grandparents and volunteers at most of our rodeos. Hopefully, now that my husband it going to be a 9 to 5iver with the weekends off, he will be able to go with me when I’m working and just be Cooper’s Dad.  I have spent many weeks as the "Dodge Guy’s Wife"… now Otey will be "The Secretaries Husband"!

I talked to my cousin Heather for a long time on the phone today.  I’m so excited about all the things that are going on with my photography.  She is so very supportive, and will listen to me rant and rave.  I’m going to take pictures of her kids next week and I can not wait.  They are both absolutely beautiful and the little one poses like a super model.  I am still wading through all of Sasha’s pictures.  She is so photogenic, it’s hard to pic favorites for the website.

Cooper had a pretty good day today.  He spent a lot of it in the carseat.  We did go to a bible study at our friend Sharon’s house in Branson, MO this morning.  He had never played on hard work floors and he did have a ball clunking stuff on them.  He is getting so big so fast.  He is starting to think that baby food isn’t quite as much fun as big people food.  We are branching out and trying lots of new things.  If his teeth ever arrive, he’ll be eating everything!

On a side note… I have the best husband in the world.  My Mom, Cooper, Louie, and I all arrived in Magnolia, AR at about 7pm tonight and it took me two hours to finally get the camper all set up (minus the satellite… I gave up until morning).  Otey always does all the camper stuff and he has us in the air conditioning watching the Doodle Bops in about fifteen minutes.  Boy did I miss him this evening!

Here is one of my new favorites…


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