Grandpa Bill… travel size

With my sessions not starting up until later in February, I keep thinking you must be getting sick of reading about Iowa weather, pregnancy, and my kid. I guess as long as you all keep coming back, I’ll keep typing! Don’t worry, it won’t be long until the blog is filled with sneak peaks again.

I feel like I should give you a little family history on these pictures so you don’t think that I have my kid dressed up for Halloween in the middle of January. Cooper’s Grandma and Grandpa McCloy live on a ranch in southern Missouri (along with his Uncle Ben and family). Grandpa Bill & uncle Ben make their living as ranchers. They have a huge cattle business and also run 70+ (that was the last number I heard) horses. So, with that said, I can now tell you that Cooper got a new black hat (just like Grandpa’s… even from the same hat-maker) and a new pair of chinks (just like Grandpa wears) for Christmas. Actually, nearly everything Cooper has on in these photos… hat, chinks, boots, belt, shirt… all came from Grandma McCloy. The belt buckle was won by Cooper’s Daddy a few years back and of course the stylish jeans his Mama picked out. Anywho, at least once a day Cooper brings me his chinks and wants me to put them on him. Over his jammies… over his onesie… he doesn’t care. He plays with his poor tortured cowboy hat all day long. So today when we got dressed, I put his new cowboy shirt and belt on him and waited for him. Just like clockwork, about 10:30 he brought me his chinks, already wearing his hat, and all I had to do was get his boots. And what does all this equal? One cute cowboy who thinks he’s just playing. Little does he know these pictures will make Grandma so happy she just might pee her pants.



Rustling up some “candy” aka… fruit snacks. (click on the image to see them larger)


A little while later after he decided to shed the chinks…


SIDE NOTE… This photo contest had taken the record for most votes ever posted! When I started typing this post there were over 1100 votes placed in three days. You are some competitive, shameless, vote begging fools! I can not wait to see who wins it! Don’t forget, voting ends Thursday, January 31st at 11:59pm (tonight).

  • Bree - Love them!!! He looks like such a little big boy! It brings out (even more) how much he looks like Otey.

  • mom - pleased both grandmas !! always looking for pics. Have one I’ll try to email you tonight. love

  • laurie - these are adorable! he is just too cute! i hope you are all doing well!

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