What are you looking at?




Cute, aren’t I?   But man oh man am I NAUUUUUUGHTY.


Thank goodness I have these eyelashes…


…and these perfect piggies…


or my Mom would have probably sold me on eBay by now.


Grady will be 20 months old tomorrow.  That oh so thin line in between baby and big boy.  You’ve heard of the terrible twos?  Well they  hit our house about 17 months.   He truly is THE definition of ornery.   A little example for you…

When Cooper was Grady’s age an occaional swat on the hiney or the threat of taking away a beloved toy solved most discipline problems.  Cooper is a people pleaser.  A stern “you really disapointed Mommy” and he’s in tears.


Not to much.

After exahusting all forms of punishment for his naughtness, I took the advice of Super Nanny (seriously… I watched two episodes) and got ourselves an official “time-out” chair.  I wish I would have used one years ago for Cooper.  Just say the words “time-out” and he’s appoligizing and begging for mercy.


Not so much.

He completely understands how the time-out system works, and he’s pretty much decided it’s worth it.  I can see him holding a toy over Cooper’s head about to whack him with it and I yell… “Grady!  NO!”

He pauses… looks me directly in the eyes… thinks for a minute… whacks Cooper in the head and then runs directly to the time-out chair before I can say a word.

Like I said…

He’s pretty much decided it’s worth it.

Take things away, reward him, spank him, talk to him, yell at him, time-out… I’ve just surrendered to “this too shall pass”.  Good parenting, huh?  Despite his naughtiness, he is really such a fun kid.  His personality is soooo SOOOOO BIG.  I can’t imagne what’s going to come out of his mouth once we can understand everything he’s saying.  I have vowed not to hurry him in to toddler-hood just because I have a new baby.  I want to savor these binky-sucking (daddy will make him give it up on his 2nd birthday), lion-hugging, rock me to sleep days as long as I can.


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  • Emily - Love these pics (as usual) especially the “piggies” one. Sounds like you have your hands full, I would love to be a fly on the wall for some entertainment!

  • Betsy - Could he look any more like Otey? Its not possible. He is so darling!

  • Miller Racing Family - Don’t you just have to love boys. Our son Trey sounds just like Grady. We had to give up spanking as the kid has a very high tolerance of pain. After you spank him Trey will just die laughing at you like, is that all you got. We actually read the book 1,2,3 Magic and it work wonderful with him.
    Let’s just hope our new arrival will be a lot calmer. But on the other hand bring on the personality.
    Have a great weekend!

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