Grady is 3.

G-funk turned 3 in July. You might be thinking to yourself… why did she wait until now to blog about it? Well, if that makes me a bad mother, I won’t even tell you when I actually shot these images. Let’s just say…. he was younger than 3yrs 2mo.  I have to start out Grady’s birthday post (just like always) with an updated rocking chair shot.  This rocking chair was Otey’s grandparents’ and once I shot G’s newborn photo in it that I totally loved, I knew it was going to become a yearly tradition.  The first three were shot in exactly the same place at our house in Iowa.  Since that house is no longer ours… this year we had to start a new location tradition.

Grady is soooo full of personality.  He can be such a lover and two seconds later be the child who is causing me to prematurely gray.  I can only imagine what his teenage years have in store for us.  One thing is FOR SURE…. lots of laughter.

Here’s to you Super Grady!  Happy late Birthday from the one who makes you eat your vegetables.  Glad you’re mine.

  • amy stamm - love them!!!!

  • amy stamm - LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! so sweet

  • Sharon T. - Wow Kathy! Amazing as always. Any change you will be coming through Iowa anytime soon? Would love to get another set of family photos taken! Sharon

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