I feel like super girl!  Imagine my stance wide, my fist in the air, my hair blowing in the wind… I edited an entire family session in one morning!  That’s a miracle for me.  I totally have ADHD when I sit down to edit.  I get bored looking at the same people over and over and over again, so I’ll flip over to another session and open one to edit just to mix it up. Next thing you know, I have two going at once and I am getting nothing accomplished.  Not today baby!  Super Girl!  I also got my rodeo set for the weekend.  I have got myself into a real pickle this weekend.  I am working the Great Lakes Circuit Finals in Louisville, Kentucky Thursday-Saturday, but at the last minute one of the colleges moved their rodeo from their regular date in October to this weekend.  Soooo…. that equals me, committed to two places at once.  I got another secretary to cover the college rodeo for me, but it’s the first college rodeo I’ve missed since I got the job in 2000.  I’m doing most of the work at home, but I’m super stressed making sure the substitute secretary has everything she needs to do the work at the rodeo.  Oh ya… and I have a wild maniac kid swinging from the ceiling fan above me… not really… but that might be easier to deal with then him hanging from my neck! 

Thanks for playing along with my little surveys a couple of days ago.  It made me feel like the twenty minutes a night I spend typing all of this is actually worth it if you read it!  I know how it is, I have some blogs that I flip to and just check out the pictures, and then I have some that I read every single word.  I’m glad that you like my blabber.   Here is the photogenic GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS 13 year old I talked about a few posts back.  Since when do 13 year olds look like this?



  • Mom - These pictures were a huge reality check for me. As my first born became a teenager it seemed to sneak right by me. It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words.
    Macy is not only beautiful on the outside she is also an amazing young lady on the inside. My baby is growing up. I most have done something really good to deserve such a special gift from God.

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