Goodbye Benders :(

We’ve had a fun time the past few days with the Bender family, and I’m sad to say that they’re heading home tomorrow.  I’ve tried to talk them into moving to Iowa, but so far… no luck.  Here’s their little cutie Brooklyn…


Cooper riding his Zebra that Gma & Gpa McCloy bought him…


Otey using his new Christmas Grill from his favorite in-laws…


Pretty much, an uneventful weekend of visiting, rented movies, and lots of good eats.  I wish the Benders didn’t have to leave in the morning.  Hopefully Otey, Cooper, and I are going to go furniture shopping tomorrow.  Our new mattress will be here on Friday and we have no bed to put it in!  Off to bed.

  • munKy - But Otey, there were four hamburgers on the grill when I was last out here. Now there is only one?

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