Good Night

I drove all day today (just me and the kids… and the dog) and I’m just too pooped to post.  I can’t wait to start posting pics from all my sessions this weekend.  Here’s one that I couldn’t resist as I watched them upload tonight.


Sidenote… Thanks for the nice comments you all leave on the blog.  I read every single one of them… sometimes twice.  I don’t tell you all often enough how they brighten my day!  Also, if you are waiting on an email from me.  Tuesday (tomorrow) is going to be my catch up day.  Sorry for the delay.

  • KIm - Love this shot Kathy…the way they are interacting with each other,and how the little girl is trying on her mom’s shoe? adorable:)
    And the composition is fantastic.

  • aunt harriet/mom - Glad you and the wee ones had a safe trip back home. Sure was good to see you and Coop, and to meet Grady. You are blessed.

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