giggle ’till you pee

Okay… I’m not smart enough to figure out how to keep that other post at the top… so I just changed the date.  Oh well, I’ll fix it all after Friday.  My Mom went home today 🙁  I absolutely positively HATE for her to leave.  I did beg her into staying one extra day.  She for some crazy reason thinks that they need her at work.  Geesh… that pesky J-O-B. 

I think we’re moving this weekend.  Otey is chomping at the bit and ready to get in.  We had an open house at the place we are trying to sell on Sunday.  One person showed up.  Yes… you read that right… one person.  A week of cleaning, mulching, and cleaning some more… all for one little old lady.  Does anyone need a vacation home in Ottumwa, Iowa?

Here’s another fun one of Claire.  You know if she could talk she’d be shouting "Quit!  I’m about to pee my pants!" 


***BLOG PHOTO SPECIAL*** Half price sitting fee to the first new client that emails me and mentions this post!   THANKS KARI!  CAN’T WAIT!

  • Stormi - i’m pretty sure I don’t count for the 1/2 price but I wanted to let you know I stopped by!

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