G-funk… (sniff…sniff…) turns…. ONE

My baby. THIS tiny itty bitty newborn baby…




He was just this small yesterday…


He was so tiny, so yummy, so perfect, so so SO little.


How does this happen?  I feel like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and he’s going to ask to borrow my car keys.  Grady is SUCH a blessing.  He is the most loving and tender child a parent could ever ask for.  He still wants me to hold him like a little baby before bed, and he still wants to hug, and cuddle.  I think God made him so sweet and soft so that I wouldn’t have a nervous breakdown.  It’s like I am still able to hold on to just a touch of his baby-ness.  This past year has FLOWN by, and I know the years to come will only go faster.  I am so SO glad that exactly one year ago, our miracle changed our lives forever.


Happy 1st Birthday Grady Arthur McCloy.  You’ve come a long way in just 365 days.


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  • Taylor - Are you done with the blog? You haven’t posted in a month! A WHOLE MONTH!!!

  • Kim - Happy Happy Happy Birthday to dear sweet Grady…..and to all of you, for I celebrate you all-you are a beautiful family:) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Leah R - No way, 1! I guess it was last year you did our shoot just returning from maternity leave 🙂 Time flies! Time for another shoot, lol!

  • dad - my baby just turned 31 in feb. & i don’t get to see her near enough. your pics are beautiful. love dad

  • amy stamm - oh my sorry about that!!

  • amy stamm - I feel your pain-my baby turned 8 in May!

    What precious pictures!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!! and the two bottom ones–OMG!! SWEET!!!

  • Taylor - The last pictures are my favorite! It shows how much he has grown! He is really cute!

  • BreeAnna - I love the comparison pictures at the end.
    Happy Birthday Grady!!

  • Stormi - I can’t believe how big he is getting. You need to come to my area for pictures just so I can see him!!! Love you and miss you


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