Fun Morning

Cooper’s friend Jake came over to play for a few hours this morning. I’ve always thought it would have been nice to have twins and get all the baby havin’ over at once… this morning cured me of that! I CAN NOT imagine having two Cooper’s all of the time. It would be great if I had nothing else to do but play with them (like I did this morning), but I’m pretty darn sure I would never get anything else accomplished. Cooper and Jake had a great time running all over the house, sliding, and climbing all over the furniture. They are both really into climbing right now. We did have a little down time working on some puzzles. Look at this rare glimpse of two 2yr olds sharing…


I know I comment on this every time I talk about Jake, but I simply can’t get over his killer eyes. Here he is trying to use a pillow for photo prevention. Little does he know, I’ve been trained by Cooper… I can catch at least one shot under any circumstances!


Two more days to get your photo contest entries in. Either no one is entering, or you are all procrastinators!

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