Frozen tundra + Geometry

It snowed today in Iowa (imagine that).
It was 4* today in Iowa (imagine that).
It is supposed to be -4* tonight in Iowa (imagine that).
I live in the frozen tundra.

On a happier note… I got our photos from our family session hung this afternoon. Rocket. Science. Okay, maybe not rocket science, but as close to math as I EVER get. Here are my calculations (you can probably smell my brain smokin’)…


And here is the finished product. You could see it better if I’d shot the picture from straight on, but our living room isn’t big enough to fit it all in one frame without switching lenses… and… I was just too tuckered for that after all the math.


I think I might start offering “wall collections” for my clients. I know when you order photos, it can be difficult to decide how big, or where to hang them. These packages would make it simple. Like… an above the couch collection, or a stairway collection, etc. Kind of like a dummy proof set that would hang together with a map I provided. Anywho, for those of you wondering… I used 2 horizontal 16×20’s, 4 horizontal 8×10’s, and 4 vertical 8×10’s. Those are two inch spaces. The total grouping is 3 1/2 foot by just over 3 foot. The tricky math comes in to play when you are trying to compensate for how low the nail hole is on the back of the frames. Maybe it’s not that tricky for someone who didn’t major in “art” in college. One more thing… for those of you who think you have to spend tons of money on frames for a big impact, that’s not always true. Don’t get me wrong, if you are hanging a single 8×10… go big… big frame… big mat. But if your prints or grouping is large to start with, you don’t have to have a bunch of fancy bold frames. I spent less then $40 on all ten frames total. I know Otey… you are so impressed with my thriftiness!

  • Heather - Someday when I live in a house that all walls are not covered in Terry Redlin prints, deer heads, fish, and a turkey, I will hire you to design my wall of pictures!! Awesome job!!!

  • cody - those look great! — I can’t imagine hanging all those!

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