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Okay.  Mega post ahead.  I am so behind on blogging photo sessions that you are about to get a four-for-one.

Chic the puppy.  Marshall, Missouri

I have had lots of family sessions with people who want to include their family pets, but Chic was my first Canine only session.  Pretty darn cute, huh?



Lisa & Family.  Bloomfield, Iowa

I finally got to shoot a family session on the court square in Bloomfield.  I have suggested it to many families and I finally got a taker!  The most fun?  This family lives in one of the historic buildings right on the square.






Shauna & Family.  St. Louis, Missouri

Shauna was under the weather, and one of her sweet babies had an ear infection.  All that being said, we had a great session.  One year old twins… this mama deserves a medal.






Sarah & Family.  Canton, Missouri

When I was editing this session Otey walked by and said "Where is that one?"  I said "Canton, Missouri, they were such nice people".  Otey said "I can tell… nice people always look nice".  Kind of funny… but really, it's true.  This family was up for anything.  Just my style!






  • Kayla (sister) - So, whenever i am feeling sad or happy, or mad or glad, or funny or boring, or just about any feeling you can feel, i read your blog and i dont know if its the pictures, or the things you write but i just absolutely love it and it makes me feel just plain good all around! i love the black and white pic of that little boy! i thnk thats what did it for me today, he just looks so happy and that made me happy. so with that said, i think this blog was yet another success! pat yourself on the back there Photog!

  • Kari - I LOVE the very last one! Also great pics of Kim’s dog. How in the world did you do that???

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