Fish Slayer

My husband is a fish slayer!  As he put it… "Women want me… Fish fear me". 


Today we went out to the Orman’s for a cookout and "fishing tournament".  They have a little pond in their pasture that is packed full of bass.  I swear Otey caught a fish every time he cast.  Cooper had a lot of fun running around and playing with the other kids.  Otey carried a bucket down to the lake to use as a chair, and Cooper decided it would be more fun if he had a half a bucket of pond water to play in.


Why is it that everywhere we go… our kid is always the dirtiest?


Cooper got some new crocs Friday.  We had some little velcro sandals that he was about to out grow and that he CONSTANTLY opened and closed the velcro on.  As soon as you buckled him in his carseat, off they’d go.  These new crocs are great.  They dried out super fast today too.


Dally, the Orman’s little girl, and Cooper are pretty big buddies.  She’s so stinking cute.  She used to call Cooper "Pooper" but has started getting the "C" in there now.  She is the little girl in the November 4th post giving Coop his first kiss.  They were playing at the pond together and took it upon themselves to head back towards the house.  Okay, truth be known, Cooper took it upon himself to head for the house and Dally just followed.


I yelled at them to come back and Dally turned right around, Cooper on the other hand, caught another gear towards the house.  Bull headed… just like his Dad (okay… just like his Mom 🙂

  • Heather - Love the camo crocs! I even like Cooper’s hair cut. Were all of the fish Otey caught so small? ha ha

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