Fence Butt

I know I have been missing for two days.  Thanks for the emails checking up on me!  I drove to Fort Scott, Kansas late Friday night so I could take pictures at the Sankey Rodeo School on Saturday & Sunday.  It was SOOOOO stinking cold!  I wore about 15 layers and still froze to death!  I sat on the top rail of a pipe fence from 9:30am – 8:00pm on Saturday, and 9:15am – 3:30pm on Sunday.  Talk about some major fence butt!  I had a sore hiney on Monday!  I got some pretty fun shots.  A lot of the students at the Sankey Schools have never been on a bull or a horse.  Some students are doing it for a one time weekend adventure, and some students are taking the first step in what they hope to be a long career in rodeo.  There are also some more experienced students that come to try and advance their skill level.  If you are interested in more info on the schools, click HERE.  I spend all weekend taking action shots, and some times it gets a little redundant.  Here is a shot taken in between the action of the pick-up-man patiently waiting for the next cowboy.  I thought it was pretty fun in black and white…


Cooper and Otey stayed in Iowa all weekend.  Otey said they were going to have a boys weekend of watching TV and "scattering".  That pretty much equals all "pick up after yourself" rules out the door!  Of course, they weren’t.  I came home to a pretty clean house and a very happy baby.  Grandma & Grandpa McCloy came up to visit all day Sunday and for a few hours on Monday morning.  This was the first time they have got to come to our new house, and boy was Cooper happy they were here!  We were all sad when it came time for them to head home Monday morning.  It sure would be nice if both sets of Cooper’s Grandparents would alternate weeks here in Iowa with us!

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