Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day… a day late… I know.  I am soooo blessed to be surrounded with wonderful father’s.  My TOTALLY AWESOME dad, Otey’s Dad, and My super star husband.  I always knew Otey would be a great Father, but seeing how much he loves Cooper has made me love him ten times over. 

Yesterday afternoon Otey agreed to a mini-father’s day shoot.  This was a pretty big deal… Otey isn’t always (okay almost never) very excited about having his picture taken.  Here’s the bad news… Cooper was having NO PART of it.  Yesterday was probably Cooper’s worst day in the past six months, and I should have known better to even try.  Here are some of the "highlights"…




A little better…



And finally my favorite of the day… Cooper might not be smiling, but he is looking at the camera!  Captain Squinty has to wear his sun glasses.  I had him take them off for a couple of shots and he not only squints his eyes… he squints his whole face.


  • Georgia McCloy - I love the pictures,especialy the first one a little independent isn’t he. we enjoy looking at all your shots

  • emily - Your pictures always make me smile, even when Copper isn’t smiling, he is super cute!

  • laurie - those pictures are great! i got a big kick out of them.

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