Family & Revenge

This post is all about my brother and his family.

Hence the title…

Family… and REVENGE.

My brother is eight years older than me.  We do have the same Mom and Dad (sorry our parents… that’s a common question) I was just a happy little accident a little later in life.

Happy accident.

That’s what I keep telling myself… anyway….

My brother Andy and I never really fought since there was such a huge age difference.  A five year old little girl verses a thirteen year old boy just really wouldn’t make since… BUT… that didn’t keep me from feeling like the mis-treated little sister.  I gave up the front seat for the first 12 years of my life, AND was tickled until pee came out several times.


Pee came out.

“I’M GOING TO PEEEEE MY PPPANNNTTSS!!!!!” just wasn’t a good enough defense with Andy.

He never let me play with his legos, I wasn’t allowed to cross “the line” that stood between me and all the really cool big kid stuff that lived in his room… and did I mention that I had boobs before I ever got to sit in the front seat of a vehicle?

Anyway, THANK YOU LORD that his wife Theresa likes my photos… and THANK YOU LORD that Andy likes his wife well enough to have to do whatever I tell him to do during their family photos sessions.  You know… like… go over there and lay on that giant pile of white rock, look up in the sky… oh ya… and don’t squint.

Revenge.  Love it.


Andy and Theresa have a wonderful story.  I’m going to butcher the exact timeline… but I believe they were 16 when they started dating.  That would have been 1986.  Woooo…. I wish I had the photo from their junior prom of Theresa in her lilac ruffled dress and Andy in his white tux (back when he had hair… sorry Andy… who am I kidding… no I’m not) to post on here.  Now THAT would be revenge.  They dated through high school and college before getting married and having two heathens….

Alex. & Evan.


This is my little tiny baby nephew, Alex.  He was born the fall of my first semester of college (LORDY I’m old).  All of the sudden… he’s not that little baby anymore.  He has a deeper voice… and his face turned red when I asked him if he kissed girls.  I did make sure to follow it up with a stern warning about his lips falling off if he did.  Geesh, where does time go?



This is Evan.  It’s a little scary to think Evan is just a sneak peak of what I have to look forward to in a few years.  He is wild and crazy, loud and funny… just like Cooper. I think this is the first photo shoot that I haven’t had to get after him the entire time for making funny faces.  So grown up now…


This location looks like any other place I’d shoot a session at, but it’s a place with much more meaning.  Growing up my Dad owned a Crane and Rigging company and my brother went to work for him in the summers and on the weekend at fourteen.  Now my Brother owns a company that does the exact same thing.  All of these photos were shot on his company lot (why the bus?  they are scrapping out the motor).


Moral of this story.  I like these knuckles heads.  And Theresa… who couldn’t like her?  She’s put up with our crazy family for over half her life.  I love being a photographer every singe day, but it’s extra special when you can photograph people that you love.  You’re okay Andy… even if you did make me pee my pants on more than one occasion.


Sidenote… By special request at church this morning (**hi! It was great to meet you.**) I haven’t forgot about OM+KC… it’s coming soon.  Oh, and Lauren H… I’m back on the wagon.

  • Heather - PS~ You totally look like your brother…minus the facial hair. Although, you might look like that when you are old…who knows, I mean, lots of older ladies have beards. Right?

  • Heather - The pic on the bus looks exactly like what my family looked like on vacation when I was growing up. Dad cringing, kids screaming and mom laughing to keep herself from crying. Crack me UP!~

  • amy stamm - How special is that!!!Really Neat and soooo glad to hear that the rest of om and km is coming !! YAH!!!

  • kay mcgee - cool family, cool shots, cool story!!!

  • Kim - I love everything about these Kathy. The images alone are great, but then , with the story….well…..even better.

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