Family #2

Great day in NY hanging out with my folks.  We didn’t do much of anything but mosey around and do a little shopping and a lot of eating.  The weather here is BEAUTIFUL!  It was 70 degrees and bright and sunny with a slight breeze today. Absolutely perfect. 
I started back in on the Ruhe clan when we returned to the motel tonight.  Here is one from Family #2… can you tell that Thomas was just thrilled with having his picture taken?


How about a "grandkids" shot.  I LOVE this picture.  We took like 500 posed pics that evening, and as most of you know, I’m a little more into the "real" life photos.  Click on this picture to enlarge it and check out the kids interacting with each other.  Way fun.


Families 3-6 coming soon… not to mention G-ma & G-pa!

  • Heather - Can you photo shop Thomas’ expression?!!? ha ha Love the picture, though. Also really like the one of the kids. Miss ya!

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