I am home.  Home in Iowa that is.  Really… I'm so used to being on the road that anywhere that Otey and my kids and I are all together feels like home.  Odd, huh?  Anyway, we are all FINALLY back together.  Cooper was sooo excited to see his Dad… and Grady… well, he was so excited he decided to eat, sleep, and poop to celebrate.  Wait a minute, that's all Grady does anyway.  He is starting to really giggle and smile a lot.  I am so blessed to have such happy kids.  I think God new I wasn't tough enough to handle a bad kid, so he just decided to let me have two good ones. 
I am spending ALL day tomorrow and Thursday editing and then I head to Missouri for six shoots Friday-Sunday.  I really am sorry I've been such a cruddy blogger lately.  I think about it 20x a day, I just feel so overwhelmed with all the other computer time I need to be spending that I have trouble taking the time to blog.

The Smith family – Bloomfield, IA (session #2 for the girls this year just in case you were thinking they looked familiar)






The Piper Family – Bloomfield, IA 
We played phone/email tag for about three months… but we FINALLY got together to shoot their family session a couple of weeks ago.






Sidenote…  Do you use Facebook?  Come to find out 3/4 of my high school friends are on there.  It's been fun catching up with all of them.  If you don't… you should try it.

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