There is nothing more satisfying then a spotless house.  Especially when you have a toddler.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy housework… but boy do I enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I don’t know if it has the same effect on other people as it does on me, or I might just be a weirdo… but clean and tidy things make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… not to mention calm… at peace… happy.  Otey and I detailed my car Tuesday night and it has nearly the same effect on me.  Not quite as euphoric as a clean house… but close.  When I lived by myself for one semester of college I only did my laundry like once every two or three weeks.  I know… lazy… but anyway… I would save the last load to match what I was wearing and then I would strip down naked while the last load washed and dryed that way for like an hour, every single piece of clothing I owned would be clean.  Yet another truly gleeful moment in life… absolutely not one singe stitch of dirty clothing in your house… ahhhhhh

Here’s my cute kid getting him a little "sip" of water.  I really like being his Mom.


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