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When we were still in Florida the first of the month he was getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. We all laughed and said "It won't be long until he's crawling."

When we got back to the frozen north country (aka… Iowa) I would lay him down on the floor and the poor little guy couldn't get his legs up under him on the hardwood floors because the blankets I had under him were scooting all over the place. Those blankets… they are essential in the protection of his little melon. The little guy has a VERY round butt. He rocks around like one of those blow up punching things we all had as kids and every once in awhile, he'll just fall over face first. So, you get the point… padding on the hardwood is a must.

Today I was cleaning like a pregnant woman in her third trimester (I don't know what got in to me) and Grady and Cooper were at the other end of our kitchen/dining/living room and I noticed that Cooper kept saying "No Grady! That's mine!" After about the third time, I went to evaluate the situation and Grady was off the blanket and all the way across the room. Now you're thinking… ahhh… Grady is crawling.  Nope.  My little Einstein has figured out that the super clean (I told you… I don't know what got in to me) hardwood floors were slick enough to slide on. And when I say slide on, I mean he sits on his little hiney, puts his hands on the floor between his legs, and scoots… yes he pulls himself with his hands and drags his butt and legs… he scoots… kind of like a dog that… that… well, you get the point.

I know I just posted this photo a few posts back, but I thought a visual might help you.


As soon as my kids are big enough to read,
I'm dead.

  • Heather Mears - I am totally amazed…your floor is so clean that you can see that little squirt’s relection. Thats impresseive!

  • Heather Mears - Kathy~ I am totally impressed. Your dang floors are so clean you can see that little squirt’s refelction! WOW!

  • Dana Pugh - you crack me up 😉 We still call Georgia little Scoots.

  • amy stamm - haha to funny! and cute of course too! Amy

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