Eat. Sleep. Poop.


In that order.  Those are Grady’s three favorite pass times.  Thank goodness not much crying, but LOTS and LOTS of eating.  When we went for his physical (at 9 days old) he was already back to his birth weight.  Pretty impressive for a baby with jaundice!  The billy blanket is long gone and we are trying hard to achieve some sort of routine at our house.  Not much luck so far though.  Pretty much I spend about 7 hours a day (not an exaggeration) feeding Grady and about five hours sleeping.  The rest of my hours are filled with answering emails, trying to keep some order in our house, and trying not to let Cooper feel like the forgotten child.

Sidenote…  I’m not far from starting to shoot again.  Please remember you have ten days to send in your deposits to lock in my current rates for your fall sessions.  All deposits must be received by August 1st if you would like me to honor the pricing that is currently listed under “value” on

  • Kari & Girls - I know I told you already on the phone but I LOVE that picture. What a beautiful baby. And the pic of Cooper with his hat on, what a cute little boy, no baby look anymore:(

  • stormi - He is so beautiful

  • Kim - Actually I think it’s four things:eat, sleep, poop and be the most beautiful baby in the world:)
    Beautiful image Kathy.

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