Dude, meet my roommates. AY?


Kim and Alex were my two roommates during my weekend in San Francisco. I met both of them online and had never even talked to them on the phone before we got there. Thank goodness we hit it off. Kim is a mother of two teenagers from Canada. That’s where the “Ay” comes from in the title of this post. She thought it was great how often Alex and I said dude… and Alex was impressed with her various uses of “Ay”. For those of you who don’t know… that’s a Canada thing. They end half their sentences with “Ay?” I’m not sure if that’s the proper spelling, or if there is a proper spelling… but it’s just pronounced like a long “A”.
Alex is from Australia. She is currently living with her husband and two young girls just a couple of hours from San Francisco. She was like a little mini-tour guide. We all hit it off and spent many hours over the weekend talking about photography and life in general. It’s funny how we all have such different lives and live on opposite ends of the continent, yet that one weekend brought us together.

Are you getting sick of San Francisco blog entries yet? Just one more… I think.

  • Dana Pugh - Uh…ya…you spell it eh, eh. And, to use it correctly, you put it at the end of a sentence to turn it into a question. I am getting behind on my blogging…but Theresa got to me and I am getting a new one!!! Just you wait and see!!!

  • Alex - Omigosh what a funny picture. What an awesome weekend eh? Dude we should do this once a year! You both gotta tell me if you’re gonna go to another workshop so we can hang out again. I learned so much from Kathy, who knew she was gonna be so suave and street smart from Iowa.. I still don’t even know where that is! LOL!

  • Otey - I think you spell it Eh.

  • aunt harriet/mom - What grand looking ladies. So glad you all hit it off. Which one is which? You have to be more descriptive for little ol ladies like me. Did you learn lots of new techniques for taking pictures? Where are you and the “boys” going to be for Easter?

  • Kim - You and ALex were the best roomies ever dude……but excuse me, how about some liquidifying and smoothing…alittle nip and tuck please!!!!!!!

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