Drum Role Please….

“it” is now officially a…


Here he is… McCloy Baby Boy #2 looking like a pretty even cross between E.T. and Skeletor from He-Man. We never got a good profile shot of his face. The little stinker laid face down with his hands in front of it for nearly the entire sonogram. He’s already perfecting his defense against the camera!


  • Angie - I have been busy and was just catching up on my favorite blogs… yeah, a boy! You are so cute. How exciting!!!

  • Terri - Hey! Sooo excited about another little boy. I really need to meet the first one, but I don’t mind meeting them both at the same time. And one other thing…does that sonogram show at the top that your birthday is today? It says 2/13/1978. Just wondering. T

  • Kelli - Yeah! Congrats on the news, I know either way you’d be happy but with another little boy it will be easier. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica - FIN-AL-LY!!! Man, I had to work untill almost 8:00! It has been killing me all day! YEA!!! Another boy! Congrats! Now, let’s get the name polls goin!

  • Alex - Oh super cool! I need one of those! Congrats… I’m laughing that he won’t let you take his picture already. Hehehe..

  • Laura - Congrats! I know you wanted a girl, and I know your mom needed a girl!! But trust me…boy’s are not as moody as girls. Hope all is well!

  • Mom - Does anyone have a girl baby needing a pink monkey? I have a brand new one with tag still attached. Guess we won’t be needing it! Still love you all.

  • Marilyn Knutson - Another one with outdoor plumbing!!!

  • aunt harriet/mom - well, if you saved any of Cooper’s clothes they will go to another McCly wild child! How wonderful! Now Lex and Lenzi will be outnumbered 6 to 2 as Heather says.

  • Sharon Turner - I am soooo very excited for you! I have been checking every 15-20 minutes for the official posting. Congratulations! Sharon

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