Double Edged Sword

I know I said more images from Kendra’s session today… but truth is, I haven’t got much work done today.  I had a session about 20 minutes away this morning, and then when I got home it was time for my Dad and nephew Evan to head back to Indiana.  They have been here since late Thursday night and it was so tough to watch them leave.  I love, love, love being with my family, and sometimes not seeing them at all is easier then seeing them and then being apart again.  When my Dad and Evan loaded up in my Dad’s ghetto truck and backed out of the driveway, Cooper sat down on the sidewalk and yelled “No!  My Eban!  My Pocket!  NO! No!” and then proceeded to just sit and cry.  I did what any normal, level headed, skinny, non-hormonal Mom would do, I sat down right beside him and cried too.  He calls both of his Grandpa’s “Pocket” for some reason.  The Pa turned in to Poc that turned into Pocket, anyway… we both were very sad.  We went and ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant and then ran to the store to pick up a few things before coming back home to the empty house.  When we came in, Cooper yelled…. “Pocket! Eban!”  I told him they were gone, that they had to go home to their own houses and he said “Oh no… Mommy sad.”  Leave it to a two year-old to sum it up for you.  It was great to have them here for a few days, and I know my Mom and Dad will be back soon for the arrival of Baby No Name, but believe it or not… I’ve had a little trouble thinking logically and not emotionally lately.  Here they are sitting on the “mouse”.


And one of me “Eban” and Cooper…


I feel like I should explain the “mouse, ghetto truck”.  For those of you who know my Dad, you’ll get a kick out of this.  Let’s lay a couple of things out on the table right up front.  My Parent’s are not homeless. My Dad has a job. My Dad has a very nice truck sitting in the driveway at home.  With all that said… when fuel prices went through the roof my Dad went out and bought this 1901 TINY JUNKY diesel Volkswagen that seriously get’s 50 MILES PER GALLON!!!  Now, if you can get by the fact that it is about 6 inches off the ground, the roof is shorter then Magic the pony, there is no air conditioning, it dies every now and then, and the headliner flaps and get’s rust all over you (oh wait… he fixed that with duct tape) it’s a great ride.  ONLY my crazy Dad would torture his grandson with a normally six hour drive in eight hours at 55mph with no air conditioning.  We’re talking about a kid who probably didn’t realize you could buy a vehicle that doesn’t have a built in DVD player.  Here she is backing out of my driveway with my Dad’s GPS on the dash… I’m sure it cost more then the truck.


This morning was my last scheduled session before my maternity leave.  I still have several sessions to edit and share with you, and then I guess you’ll be subjected to six weeks of poop stories and photos of my family.  Now we’ll see who’s REALLY a loyal blog stalker!


  • codymc - I love the ghetto truck!!

    I’m currently searching (somewhat desperately) for a diesel Scout — keep your eyes open for me.

  • stormi - I am having problems with the picture for the photo contest. I tried doing it from home this weekend and I kept getting help. can I include my “helper” in the photo?

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