Does it get any better than this?

Oh how I love my husband and my boys. This time of year seems to center me… bring me back to what is important. Remembering the reason why we celebrate Christmas… not presents, not Santa, not 60% off sales (although I do enjoy those) but Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. I get overwhelmed with warm and fuzzy feelings… bake cookies and hug your kids twice as much as usual feelings… tell your husband you are crazy about him ten times a day feelings… I love Christmas… and all that goes along with it. In our world… that includes vacation.


  • Heather Mears - This photo is beautiful…wish I had one like this to hang in the house!

  • Amanda McLeod - Love the photo! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and good New Years too!

    My mom was SOOOO excited when she got her gift certificate. I’ll have to email you the picture I took of her when she realized what her present was. 🙂

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