dirty nasty FALL skipping morons

I’ve had a few inquires from past clients that need to buy a large number of Christmas Cards and are looking for a little more economical way to do it.  Well… have I got a deal for you! The only kicker is I can only order these cards by the 100.  If you want a custom designed Christmas Card with the images of your choice, and you have at least 100 people that you like well enough to send a card to, this is your cheapest (I mean most economical) way out!  These cards are double sided high gloss postcards (like you would buy on vacation) that you just have to address directly on the back of the card, and stick a stamp on.  They are not made to go in envelopes.  Both sides are in full color, and you can put photos on the front and/or the back.  You also can customize the saying on your card, or even handwrite a note and fax it to me to add to your card.  They come in quantities of 100 and are available in two sizes…

100 4×6 double sided custom designed cards… $100 + shipping

100 5.5 x 8.5 double sided custom designed cards… $140 + shipping

Here’s an example of a front and back design that I came up with for our family this year. I haven’t ordered them yet, so this might be as close as you all get to getting a Christmas Card from us!  I figure we’ve been married five years and haven’t sent out a Christmas Card yet… why start now?

FRONT (click on it to see more detail)




I know I sound like a broken record, but November is nearing half over… if you want to order prints for holiday gifts, or Christmas Cards, I need your order ASAP to get them processed and back to you in time.  I feel like you are all thinking what I think when I walk through a department store the day after Halloween and hear… "Rudolf the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it…" What?!  Quit trying to rob me of my favorite season!  I’m not even wearing a coat!  It’s still fall! Christmas is months away you commercialized morons!!!   Well… sorry… I’m sad to say I think I’m now one of those morons.

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