Dirty & Clean

Okay… if you are weak stomached, skip down to the CLEAN portion of this post.


This morning at 5:00am I was in bed and just happened to be awake re-situating when I heard Cooper start to whine from his room.  He sometimes gets up around then and has a bottle and them goes back to sleep.  So I rolled out of bed and headed for the kitchen to get his bottle.  About the time I hit our bedroom doorway, I spelled it.  IT!  POOP!  I went in his room and saw something that no person should ever see.  My cute little baby standing up in his crib, covered in poop.  Not only was Cooper covered in poop, but his sheets, blanket, bumper, and monkey were also covered in poop.  I’m talking LOTS of poop.  Like he had been storing it up for a week.  I then immediately called for backup… stat.  The next thirty minutes involved a mass cleanup operation.  My Mom and Otey on bedroom duty, and me on kid duty (duty… like doodie… kind of funny).  I started in the bathroom to give Coop a bath when I realized that I also had poop in my hair.  I know… you’re gagging.  Needless to say, Cooper and I both had a really long, really hot shower!  Now to the clean portion of my blog…


Look at my baby!  He got his first big boy haircut Tuesday from the FAMOUS ERICA that is frequently mentioned in my blog.  You know, my friend that does my hair that I totally take advantage of?  She is wonderful and some how manages to squeeze me in anytime I can make the trip to Marshall, MO.  Otey keeps asking why I can’t find a new stylist that isn’t a half a day drive away.  I just can’t do it!!!  Here are the pics of my sweetie getting his first real haircut.  You should see him… he looks so grown up now!




By the way… Erica has got her own little sweetie in the oven.  Stay tuned for her "bump" photos this summer!

  • cody - HAHAHAHA — I’m happy that I read this and wasn’t there to experience it.

  • Heather - You ARE one of THOSE moms!!!! Welcome to the club!!!

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