Dinner and a Show

My Dad and my brother’s family headed off to the Everglades this morning.  My Mom, Otey, Cooper, and I just decided to hang out around the hotel all day.  It was too windy for a baby on the sandy beach today, so Cooper and I spent some serious pool time.  I tell you what… that baby LOVES the water.  He has a blast in the pool.  He just dunks his face in the water and then comes up laughing and smiling.  Today he was playing on the pool steps in the shallow end and I had to keep a hand on him because he would just turn around and leap off the steps head first into the water. He would stay in their all day if I’d let him.

This evening we all went to MAI KAI to eat.  It’s a restaurant with a Polynesian show.  Dinner was wonderful.  Here’s a pic of my fun drink…


There were Hula Girls (how do they do that with their hips?) and fire flipper guys.  It was a pretty good time and my nephews loved it.


Not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.  They are forecasting rain.  I’ll take 80* and rain over and December weather in Iowa!

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