Hola amigos! That's Hello friends for any of you that didn't take Spanish One three times in college. I like to say that I had three semesters of Spanish in college. So what if all three were the same class. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, burrito, chimichanga… are you impressed?  Anywho…

I haven't blogged about diapers.com in a really long time, sooo I thought today I would give you a little refresher on simplifying your life. Diapers.com is a website that delivers everything you need to take care of a baby right to your doorstep. Shipping is free for orders over $50.00 and as most of us know, that's like one box of wipes and one pack of diapers. But they have soooo much more than diapers! Strollers, highchairs, pacifiers, baby food, clothes, shoes, formula you name it, they have it. I'm telling you, EVERYTHING you need to take care of your little ankle bitter. Your order arrives in a giant cardboard box two days after you order.

If you've never ordered from diapers.com before, you can enter the code cooper1 and get $10 off of your first order! I'll receive a $1 credit to my account for referring you and you save $10 (and a trip to the annoying super store). Yippee!!!

Sidenote… if you are on facebook, I said a couple of days ago that I was wanting to go to IKEA.  Well, I get to go this weekend!  Otey is entered in a Bulls n' Broncs in Rockford, Illinois tomorrow night and IKEA (Chicago) is only 60 miles away.  Look out storage solutions… here I come!

Photos from Stormi's wedding later today.

  • Alison - I am so jealous of you going to Ikea. Trav’s sister and his mom and I try to go once a year, but because of the babies we didn’t get to go this year. I’m so ready to go! I love that place. The one in Chicago is nice. We usually go to Shamburgh area. Enjoy!

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