… I dabble in it. I am by no means a Graphic Designer. That’s why I use the word “dabble” instead of “do”. When you use the word dabble… it somehow lowers your expectations. Anywho, last year I was so overwhelmed with taking care of a new baby, and catching up on all the work I missed during my maternity leave, that I decided not to offer Christmas Card design. It was a relief to be able to eliminate one deadline on my HUGE to do list, but it also kind of stunk. I really enjoy creating something from scratch… a blank canvas. Over the past few years I have designed birth announcements, graduation announcements, party invitations, wedding thank yous, and of course… Christmas cards. Moral of this story? I’m refreshed… rested… and for hire for all your custom design needs. Oh! I kind of lied… I did design one Christmas card last year. My cousin Heather’s family always keeps Louie-dog for me while we are in Vegas and Florida every December. In return? I give her a way fun family shoot and Christmas Cards. We always do a postcard type of card that doesn’t require an envelope. Both sides are high gloss.


What prompted this blog post? My friend, Erica. I have told you before about her salon in Marshall, Missouri. Well, I have spent the past week emailing back and forth with her designing a way fun new logo for her salon. For all you Marshall-ites out there, get ready for an all new High Maintenance!

  • Heather Ruhe - I’m pretty sure you will have to set aside a day this yr, and do our family, and Billie’s.

    Miss ya! I feel famous now!!! :o)

  • amy stamm - hey-are they from Odon In? I live about 45 min from there- do you go there to do pic??Amy in Indiana

  • Billie Jo Conner - Guess you better plan to spend a little more time in TH this next holiday season cause I have a really strong feeling you’ll be asked by all of Heather’s friends to do their cards! I know I want you to do mine! You’re awesome girlfriend!

  • Heather Mears - Okay…is there anything that you CAN’T do? I’m seriously starting to think you hide a cape under your clothes!

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