Delayed :(

Game three of the Word Series is officially delayed.  I have been waiting out the rain delay for two and a half hours, and they just came on and said the game is delayed until tomorrow night.  I guess Cooper is going to have to wear the same lucky Pj’s every night this week.  Don’t worry… I washed them today!

Nothing too exciting went on today.  Otey is working the National FFA Convention in downtown Indianapolis, and Cooper and I are hanging out with my Mom. We went shopping today for a couple of newborn props I have been wanting.  We couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I came home and bid on trusty old ebay.  I did by two way fun ottomans for our new house.  I was thinking I wanted them, and than I let Cooper have the final vote.  First he sat on one, then he rubbed it with his hand and squealed, then he flopped down on it with a huge smile on his face.  That was enough to sell me.  I bought two of the khaki colored…


I also bought my new nephew (Cole… he is scheduled to arrive in January) the cutest Christmas present ever!  It’s been so long since I really shopped.  I felt like a junky getting my fix!

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