Dally Jo

I had a fun morning session with Dally Jo last week. It’s always fun when a three year old comes out from the first click of my shutter with her “super-model” on. Sometimes when a kid knows you, it’s not such a good thing. I have known Dally since she was a tiny baby so she is in no way shape or form scared of me (and my camera is old news). But thank goodness she was all about having her picture taken. Dally and her family live on a small ranch/farm about thirty minutes from where I live, so we had the perfect location.

Tractor sittin’ for Daddy…


Workin’ it in the barn for Mom…


Dally’s spurs. That’s her parent’s brand on the leather.


Dally and her Pony.



Dally was playing with these fun blocks when I go there. I immediately sorted out her name.


And my favorite series from the shoot. Dally’s response to my standard “SHAKE YOUR BOOTY!!!”

  • Emily - So cute, I love the pink jeans and love the pics with her horse! Great job as usual! Do you get tired of hearing that? 😉

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