Current Events (there will be no test)

So I haven’t blogged for a while.  A LONG while.  Like an eternity.  But do to the past week’s events, I feel it my civil obligation to blog about the current events that are changing our very human existence.



Gun Control?


No… something that I’m sure most of you will have much bigger opinions about….

Jon & Kate  and Michael Jackson.

First, lets start with Michael Jackson.  HOLY COW.  Is that what you thought when you heard?  I worked a rodeo last night and didn’t know anything about it until I laid down in bed last night, pulled out my handy dandy iPhone and when I went to check my Facebook (a nasty little nightly habit I have picked up in the past month or so) and EVERYONE’S status said something about Michael Jackson.  I of course then flipped over and Googled “Michael Jackson Death” (did I mention I love my iPhone) and read all the new releases from the day.  I don’t know why I was shocked. You would think after the past ten years or so nothing about Michael Jackson would be shocking.  I’m not going to blog about the sex charges, the out of court settlements, the funny looking nose, the baby hanging over the balcony… I’m just going to tell you….

from about age six to nine I LOVED MICHAEL JACKSON.

And when I say LOVED… I mean I LLLUUUUUUVVVVVV-ED Michael Jackson.  My prized possession was a ring and necklace with Michael Jackson’s photo on them.  The ring was a big oval (like a cameo) with Michael leaning back on one elbow with some shiny curly black hair looking all suave at the camera.  The necklace of course had a matching pendant with the same photo.  And you remember those mirrors?  You know the like eight inch square mirrors that you got at the fair for throwing darts at balloons?  I had one of those with a picture of Michael in his “Thriller” red leather jacket.  Speaking of Thriller… that video scared me to death.  To this day I can blame my fear of dancing zombies of Michael Jackson.

Moral of the Michael Jackson story… he was huge.  I can’t imagine one single person on the planet that’s death would be so HUGE all around the world.  GREAT music… questionable character… thanks Mike for the tacky jewelry, and fear of zombies.  Your music still rocks.

Now… Jon & Kate.

I have loved the show Jon & Kate Plus Eight since the sextuplets were little ugly babies.  I especially became obsessed with watching the show during/after we went through our first fertility procedure.  I was fascinated by all things involving multiples… and with a set of twins AND sextuplets… J&K+8 became a favorite of mine.  I’d like to state a few facts that all the J&K haters are going to comment that I already know…

Kate was sometimes short with Jon

Kate was sometimes short with her kids

Kate is a little OCD

Now, with that being said… I’d like to defend her.  SHE HAS EIGHT FRICKIN’ KIDS!!!  Do you not think you would be a little short sometimes?  Also, the OCD thing?  As a person who likes things neat and organized, I can not imagine how on earth you could not be OCD and get eight kids fed, bathed, and taken care of everyday.  To all the people who say they have exploited their children?  I completely disagree.  If you want to pay me $250,000 a week to spend TWO days in my house (they only tape TWO days a week) video taping my family.  COME ON OVER AND MAKE THE CHECK OUT TO KATHY MCCLOY.  I know that money isn’t everything, but how wonderful would it be to get to stay home with your spouse and kids seven days a week…. AND get paid $250,000 for just doing your daily routine.  Heck ya.  Sign us up.  Otey & Kathy Plus Three.  Also, look at all the wonderful opportunities that those eight kids have had.  Trips to the beach, skiing, Disney World, Zoos, every place imaginable.  Do you think a normal family with eight kids could afford to do all of those wonderful things?  I think that J&K’s hearts have really been in the right place over the years for their kids, it’s just sad that we have happened to witness a couple go through such a rough time in their marriage.  50% of American couples get divorced… and they aren’t on the front of Star and US Weekly.  WHICH… brings me to my final point on J&K.  Their TV show is not exploiting those babies… we are.  Don’t buy those magazines, don’t watch Entertainment Tonight and Extra… don’t visit TMZ… then there would be no reason for the Paparazzi to follow them around because the photos and videos would be worth nothing.

Geeeeeshhh….. can’t we just worry about health care, abortion, gun control, and Iran?  Those topics are so much less controversial.

  • aunt harriet - AMEN TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

  • Mandi - Amen!! I have loved J&K+8 forever too!! I agree with everything you have said. I’ve been trying to tell the girls at work that she was home with 8 kids and had to have some OCD or things would never be accomplished!!! I feel super sorry for the kids because the media is all over their parents divorce and Maddy and Cara are at the age where they see it all. It’s really sad and I hope they can work things out to be the best parents toghether or seperately.

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  • emily - I missed being your stalker, welcome back!

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