My Grandma’s funeral was this afternoon.  Funerals are such a weird thing.  You know exactly what’s going to happen, yet you still have that uneasy feeling in your stomach.  I am normally a talker and a hugger on a normal day.  But when I’m upset, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to be talked to, and I dang sure don’t want to be hugged (all of these things don’t apply to Otey… just everyone else).  Grief is such an odd emotion that I have been very fortunate to avoid in my life.  To sum it up… it sucks. 

My friend Julie kept Cooper today during my Grandma’s funeral.  Her sweet baby Coy is already three weeks old and today was the first time I got to see him.  Oh how sweet and tiny he is.  I shot just a couple of pics of him on the foot stool before they left.  Here is my favorite…


Coy filled his pants and I thought I’d be nice and change his pants for Julie.  Before I was finished, Coy had peed all over his clothes, all over his head, all over his blanket, and there was poop all over his blanket also.  Julie’s response… "haven’t you done this before?!"  I tried to talk her into just selling me Coy for the price of Invetro.  Heck, she gets pregnant if her husband just glances at her, so I figured what’s the big deal?  She can have another one in nine months.  She didn’t go for it.  Speaking of Invetro, we found out Monday morning at my Dr’s appointment that the cyst is still there.  August cycle is a no-go.

I shot sweet baby Addie in the middle of this flying trip to Indiana.  Her Mom (Angie) is going to kill me.  She kept asking "I’m not in the picture… right?"   Ya Ang…. RIGHT.


I have a another photo shoot in the morning with another August one year old and then we are going to load a big box trailer with some of our furniture that is STILL in storage from our last house (from before Cooper was born).  My parents are going to bring it to Iowa this weekend.  I love when they come to Iowa.  The only thing better is when I get to come to Indiana.

  • Angie Reusser - Dear Miss Kathy –
    My mommy says that I need to apologize for being on the cranky side yesterday morning. It wasn’t a very good first impression, I know! In my defense, I do have a new front tooth this morning. Mommy said it was real good to see you and thanks again.

    XOXO – Addie Leigh

  • Allison - Kathy~
    I am a good friend of Angie’s and she got me hooked on your blog months ago! I check it all the time and love it!
    I was surprised to find this fabulous picture of Addie and Ang…can’t wait to see more!
    Thanks for keeping me entertained with your blogging!!! 🙂

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