Coy & Brooklyn

Julie's son Coy is about to turn one (Julie as in BFF Julie… the old one… the one who just turned 30).  It seems like just yesterday that she was having him.  I shot her daughter Brooklyn's one year photos almost two years ago with this very same wagon in this very same yard, under this very same tree. Julie and I never like the same photos… so it will be interesting to see which ones she hangs on her walls compared to which ones I post on this blog.  Brooklyn didn't really think that I was all that cool… Aunt Kathy just isn't as exciting as some stranger photographer… anywho, the one of her driving the airplane is my favorite from their little mini session.  Now… if we can ever get their ball-headed Daddy cornered, we'll shoot some family photos!






Sidenote…Coy was my boy name… you know when you name your kids in the sixth grade?  Well, Coy was always my boy name.  Little did I know I would marry a man who's last name created a tongue twister with Coy… Coy McCloy.  I guess Coy McCloy sounds better then Baby No Name McCloy.  How about Nate?  I know that is pretty plain for me… but do you like Nate?  Cannon?  According to the spinning upside down baby to your right, we only have 39 more days to figure this out people.

  • Mary Kay - Cohen? Cohan? Greyson? Greyson? Emery? Emory? I think these names are veering away from your criteria. Nate is a nice basic name. So is Jonathan. Jake, too. What about Carter? Too much like Cooper? Have you considered Cameron? If the middle name is Arthur then his name and his initials would be the same – CAM.

  • Fagin Family - Okay, seriously…I have been thinking! I was thinking that your dad needs to be a part of this babies name just because you are so much like your dad! But…lets face it…there are enough J.A. Curry’s in the world but what about Jonathan? I was telling my nephew Noah and he has a vote for “Noah”. Also I was thinking of cowboy’s and famous cowboys and came up with Levi or Lane. Are you trying to stay with a “C” name? I will keep thinking!! Lance votes for Zach.

  • emily - I am voting for Cannon, but I also like Cohen from the first post. Cooper and Cannon sounds good, but so does Cooper and Cohen…yeah you are right this is tough! I am picking pics as we speak…so hard when the photographer does such a great job on all of them!!

  • Julie S - I hope that I get this much “help” deciding on a name when we have a baby. 🙂 What about Emery or Ebett?

  • Laura - NATE?…I mean come on…your first named Cooper and now your are considering NATE!! How funny that, you are condidering name of your 2 favorite male friends growing up!! I think Nate is cute but I am sure you can find something else!!! Don’t give up!! Don’t you think those 2 gave you enough grief growing up and now you want to name your children the same names!!
    Love Ya!

  • Blog Stocker 1 - I also really like Greyson.

    I also really Logan Arthur McCloy. I can’t remember if this name has already been submitted or not. Arthur is the middle name…right? My 2nd son was born without my husband and I agreeing on a name. Funny thing is after your husband has witnessed hours of labor and the beautiful birth of a son. Kathy, you don’t worry Otey will let you name “baby no name” whatever and he want care. He will be overwelmed with joy. Well…except if you still are wanting to name him Cannon. I think enough people have vetoed that name. Hopefully.

  • Kay - Ned, after my favorite son-in-law!

  • codymc - I like Nate 🙂

    also like Greyson

    (see how i’m now focusing on ones you’ve mentioned) 🙂

  • Aimee - Ok, I have always loved Nate or Nathaniel, but it’s time to get serious. I love the name Cohen. I really do try to think hard for ya, but my pea brain doesn’t work so well in the mornings! Give it a shot though, Cohen McCloy, it’s CUTE! (I mean manly)!

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