Cooper’s Word

My Mom is running around the house complaining because she feels so yucky and saying that she has 100 things to do before we leave, so I thought I’d tell you all about yesterday.  We played outside in the backyard for a really long time.  I really like to eat rocks, and my Mom really likes to say "no-no Cooper".  I think it’s funny.  Here I am getting ready to make her say it again (there is a rock in my hand).


My friend Jake that lives next door came over and played in my sandbox.  It’s really fun to put the sand outside of the sandbox.  Jake thinks so too.


Louie ran around and barked a lot.  My Mom threw the stick for him.  Our dog is crazy.  He REALLY loves to eat sticks… I guess that makes me crazy too, because I eat sticks and rocks!


This is Jake’s face.  I tried to tell him not to make eye contact with Mom’s camera.  You just keep your eyes down and keep moving.  That’s what I do.  Jake kept looking right at her!


This is Jake’s brother Jarrett.  I like him.  He pulls us in the wagon.  He had a loose tooth and was jumping on our other neighbors trampoline, and his tooth hit another kids knee and then he got all bloody.  After a few minutes of drama, his Dad pulled his tooth right out of his mouth!


After it got dark, Dad took me swimming and gave me a bath, and then I had to go to bed.  We are going to have to drive ALL DAY tomorrow.  So my Mom might not blog.  If not, you can check back with us on Friday.  Off to nap.

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