CUTEY. PATOOTIE. Need I say more?

This is Cole. Cole is the second grandson (after Cooper, before Grady and Jasper) on Otey’s side of the family. They have FOUR grandson’s under the age of three! Can you even imagine how much fun those four boys are going to have on the ranch a few years from now?  Anywho, we went to Licking a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a bunch of birthdays, and so I could shoot newborn photos of our newest nephew Jasper (we have four now, two on my side, two on Otey’s). Cole is Jasper’s proud big brother so of course he had to be included in the photo shoot.  He is such a sweet kid.  Cooper not seeing his cousins all of the time is the worst thing about living so far away from our families.  They pick right up where they left off with no problem, but it would be great to see them every few days instead of every other month.  I guess absences makes the heart grow fonder.

You know those BIG changes to the blog I keep telling you about?  Well, they are coming soon… very soon.  You know what else is coming soon… MY BIRTHDAY!  Only four more days of being the big 3-0.  Geesh… now I’m not going to be just a level five, I’m going to be a 31 year old level five.

  • nicole - Happy birthday! My birthday is on Thursday!

  • brandy - thanks for the sneak peak! GREAT photo(as usual).

  • Wanda - Cole and Grady favor. Same eyes. Must be in the genes. WL

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