Cody McCloy

Otey’s older brother Cody lives in Atlanta and works for CNN.  It’s amazing that all three McCloy brothers came from the same litter.  Otey and his little brother Ben for sure got all the “cowboy ” genes in their family.  Cody lives right in Atlanta and travels all over the world for fun, and for work.  He has his ears pierced, he  shops at ikea, and is the smartest Mac person I know.  Just to give you a little insight, last time we visited him we jumped in his truck and there was a huge pirate hat in the back seat.  I said “Cody, it’s like March, why is there a giant pirate hat in your truck?”  As he was backing out his driveway he never missed a beat and just said… “Oh, that’s from the pirate festival I went to last weekend”.  And because Cody is Cody… the answer didn’t surprise us either.  You have to love him.  He  is currently doing a kind of mini-documentary/road-trip thing for CNN about bio-diesel.  He bought a 1978 Diesel Scout and it driving it from San Francisco, California all the way home to Atlanta, Georgia over the next two weeks.  If you want to check it out, here’s the skinny.

Sidenote… I will be away from my computer until Sunday morning.  If you are waiting on an email from me… check back then.

  • Shane Bugbee - I think Cody McCloy USED our idea, without giving as much as a plug… shame.

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